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Unlock Your Potential With One-to-One Online Coaching.

With over a decade of experience and hundreds of successful client transformations, I possess the proven ability to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

It’s my job to understand your world, unlock your true ‘why’ then combine this with unstoppable motivation and unwavering confidence. Together, we’ll propel you towards attaining the pinnacle of both physical and mental well-being, ensuring you emerge in the best shape of your life!

Mindset Support

By nurturing a mindset that supports your well-being and success, you can unlock your full potential, achieve lasting transformation, and lead a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

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woman working out

Achieve maximum results, overcome obstacles, and stay motivated on your fitness journey with the focused attention and accountability of one-to-one coaching.

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Nutrition Plans

Start your transformation today and experience the power of a comprehensive approach to nutrition and coaching.

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Transforming Lives Across the Board: Whether you’re a busy professional seeking fitness, a new mum aiming for postpartum strength, or an athlete preparing for competition, your personalised training program will be designed to meet you where you are. Join me for a journey tailored to your unique goals, and let’s achieve greatness together.

Below, you will find an impressive showcase of results achieved by my clients, demonstrating their remarkable transformations and the effectiveness of our collaborative efforts. 

“This programme was never about achieving a six pack. In fact, I achieved a lot more than that – I found my self worth and I will never let that slide again. I can never thank you enough for having belief in me, when I didn’t even have it myself.”


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My Approach

  • I am big believer in creating personalised programmes that deliver results quickly, but sustainably. 
  • I want you to consider this as one final investment in yourself, so you never have to worry about how you look or feel again. 
  • With our approach, you’re given a bespoke nutrition plan you actually enjoy and one that has all your calories and macros worked out for you! 
  • The programme is designed to compliment, not complicate your lifestyle.
  • Not only do we factor in social events, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out but if like me, you have a sweet tooth, you can still have a little bit of something each day and still make huge progress.


Everybody is different, so I make sure you can choose a plan that works best for you.


I will send you a daily message in the morning to help you stay focused and motivated throughout the day. Additionally, you can reach out to me at any time during the day to have your questions answered or make any necessary changes to your program instantly.

Every Saturday morning, you will provide check-in photos (if you’re comfortable), along with your weight and measurements.

Based on your feedback, I will update your program every Sunday to provide you with a fresh approach for the upcoming week. You will receive your personalised training on the training app, where you can access specific workouts with detailed information on reps, sets, and exercise videos to assist with technique.

The app will also send you reminders about your workouts and notify me once they have been completed.


This option is designed for individuals who are more advanced in their fitness journey or those who are already coaches themselves. It provides the flexibility to check in with me just once a week, as these clients typically require less accountability.

For those who fall into this category, the weekly check-in serves as an opportunity to discuss progress, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to the program. Since these individuals are already familiar with the ins and outs of training, they require less frequent communication and guidance.

By adopting this approach, these clients can maintain a sense of autonomy while still benefiting from my expertise and guidance. It allows them to have more independence in managing their workouts, while I provide support and ensure their overall progress remains on track.

Please note that although this option offers more freedom, I am still available for consultation and support whenever needed throughout the week.

“This programme was never about achieving a six pack. In fact, I achieved a lot more than that – I found my self worth and I will never let that slide again. I can never thank you enough for having belief in me, when I didn’t even have it myself.”



Embarking on a fitness journey can be accompanied by a wave of uncertainty and anxiety, especially for those of you who find yourselves apprehensive about stepping foot in a traditional gym setting. This is where the guidance of an experienced online personal trainer becomes an invaluable asset. With my expertise, support, and personalised approach, as an experienced online personal trainer I can help you build your gym confidence and conquer any fears that may be holding you back.

Through virtual coaching sessions, I will familiarise you with the various gym equipment, exercises, and proper form, all from the comfort of your own space. I will design customised workout plans tailored to your goals, fitness level, and preferences, ensuring you feel empowered and motivated throughout your fitness journey. I will be your virtual companion, offering guidance, encouragement, and accountability as you navigate your workouts, helping you gradually build the confidence to eventually step foot into the gym confidently.

With my unwavering support I am confident that you will overcome your fear of the gym, cultivate a positive mindset, and develop the confidence to embrace new challenges. Together, you’ll not only achieve your fitness goals but also unlock a newfound self-assurance that extends far beyond the gym walls, empowering you to lead a more vibrant, active, and fulfilling life.

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My unwavering dedication to health and fitness began during my time at Northumbria University, where I pursued a degree in Physiotherapy. Whilst I always enjoyed playing competitive football, due to the demanding nature of the degree, I simply couldn’t find the time to commit to it. So my mental health & fitness began to slip dramatically but that’s when I discovered a lifeline—the University gym.

It was within those walls that I experienced a profound connection. Shortly after, I got into Fitness modelling which turned out to be my gateway into the industry. I began winning competitions in Belfast and London before travelling to New York where I earned my Pro Card.

At this point, I knew I was born to make a career in this industry and change lives. More importantly however, I wanted to help others by. guiding them on a transformative path towards discovering their own connection with physical well-being.

Highly rated worldwide

Over the last 10 years I have coached over 1,000 satisfied customers across the world and helped them with their personal fitness goals. My clients range from the age of 18 right through to 80.

Your personal blueprint

Your programme will be created bespoke to the goals you wish to achieve, factoring in your lifestyle, food preferences and experience. This puts a permanent end to the guesswork and ensures you received a personalised plan that compliments your lifestyle.

Ultimate flexibility

This is a highly interactive programme, a far cry from the generic “cookie cutter” programmes. With the high level service I provide, the programme will continually adapt to ensure you are eating the foods you enjoy and able to train with the exact equipment you have available at all times, putting you firmly in control through your 90 day coaching programme.

1-2-1 accountability

Accountability is key. Depending on the programme you choose, you can contact me daily throughout the 90 days, or weekly. Think of me as the coach you have complete access to. Checking in with you around the clock ensuring all your questions are answered.

“I truly encourage you to get in touch with Aamir. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, the results are inevitable.”

– Siobhann O’Donnell

“Learning how to control my emotional state has been the single most important tool I have picked up since working with Aamir.”

– Tim McCrory

“Learning how to control my emotional state has been the single most important tool I have picked up since working with Aamir.”

– Tim McCrory

“He makes it easy to improve your physical and mental strength alongside the day to day demands of running a successful business.”

– Colleen

Start Your Journey Now


My Promise To You

You’ll have me in your corner. You will follow and execute tried and trusted methods that work. You’ll get the full benefit of years of professional training and experience, plus access to me for answers to any questions. The guy you see on my social media is the person who will be working directly with you. I’m honest, straight talking and real. I’ll challenge you when it matters, keep you accountable, but we’ll have a lot of fun too. If you are committed, you WILL reach your goal. Period.


My Passion is your success!

There is nothing I enjoy more than helping people achieve goals they never thought were possible. Every time a client changes their physique, I watch them get leaner, stronger, happier and more confident. I have transformed people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.


Your Transformation

Whether you want to get ready for your wedding, in shape for your a holiday or a bit leaner, I WILL get you to your goal. I’ll show you how to build diet and training into your lifestyle (not the other way round) so you can continue to enjoy your life. I’ll teach you how to get in the shape of your life and stay there long term, without sacrificing your relationships and still having an active social life!


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