7 Myths of Personal Training

As the demand for personal trainers increases and individuals seek assistance in achieving their fitness goals, it is natural for misconceptions and myths to emerge. It is essential to address these misunderstandings and provide clarification. Therefore, I would like to shed light on some prevalent myths surrounding online personal training, ensuring that you receive accurate information.

Please note that my responses to these myths are derived from my personal experience as a certified and experienced online personal trainer.

When referring to a “personal trainer,” I am specifically referring to individuals who possess relevant certifications and a considerable amount of practical knowledge.

Myth 1: Your personal trainer will be a drill sergeant.

Television shows like The Biggest Loser may lead you to believe that every personal trainer will push you to your absolute limits, leaving you feeling exhausted and nauseous after each workout.

While it’s true that a good personal trainer will challenge you more than you might challenge yourself, they should never push you to the point of genuine pain.

A skilled personal trainer takes the time to understand you as an individual. They will discover what motivates you, when and where they can encourage you to push harder, and when and where they should ease off.

If you prefer a drill sergeant-like approach, a personal trainer can adapt to that. However, not everyone desires or responds well to such intense methods.

An effective personal trainer tailors their training style to align with your goals and preferences.

Myth 2: You will see immediate results.

Engaging the services of a personal trainer does not guarantee immediate and miraculous transformations in your fitness journey. Your body will not undergo immediate changes overnight.

While you may start experiencing certain positive effects in the first few days, such as increased energy and motivation, visible results typically take several weeks, if not longer, to become apparent. True transformation requires patience and time.

Sustained progress also demands consistent effort on your part. Even if your personal trainer designs an exceptional plan that seems ideal on paper, it is your commitment to that plan and its execution that will determine the outcomes you desire.

Simply having a plan in place is insufficient; you must actively engage and follow through to achieve the desired results.

Consider this: the time it took you to reach your current state, whether in terms of years, meals, sedentary days, or other factors, cannot be undone rapidly simply by modifying your diet, exercise routine, or hiring a personal trainer. Real change is a gradual process, akin to a marathon rather than a sprint.

Myth #3: Every personal trainer is also a nutrition expert.

A fundamental grasp of nutrition should be expected from every personal trainer. It is a core component of their accreditation process, and any competent trainer recognises the critical interplay between diet and exercise for achieving optimal results.

Nonetheless, while basic knowledge of calories, macronutrients, and hydration is typically covered in personal training certification courses, in-depth understanding of these topics is not a mandatory requirement.

I refrain from imposing strict, inflexible diets on my clients. Instead, I equip them with valuable tools, effective strategies, and insightful advice to promote healthier eating habits.

My aim is to encourage a positive mindset towards food, guiding them towards a more nourishing and satisfying approach to fueling their bodies.

By helping them break free from negative diet mentalities and misguided habits, I strive to facilitate a healthier, happier, and more sustainable way of nourishing their bodies.

Myth #4: A trainer’s job is to help you lose weight.

While weight loss may be a common goal, it is crucial to recognise that not everyone shares the same objective, and it is not the sole outcome sought by a personal trainer.

A professional trainer should be dedicated to helping you achieve your specific goals, whether they involve building muscle, gaining strength, ageing gracefully, or even gaining weight.

The key principle is that your personal trainer should create a tailored plan designed specifically for you and your aspirations.

A skilled personal trainer goes beyond merely identifying your goal. They assist you in transforming your desire, such as “I want to lose weight,” into a well-defined and actionable plan.

By employing the concept of SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound), your trainer can ensure that your objectives are concrete and trackable.

This approach allows you to measure your progress, stay committed to your exercise program, and persevere even during challenging moments when you may feel inclined to give up.

Myth #5: You have to train in person.

If you haven’t yet explored the concept of online personal training, allow me to introduce you to its benefits.

Personally, I find immense satisfaction in training clients online because it enables me to connect with them and provide assistance in ways that may not be as easily achievable with in-person sessions.

Here’s why opting for online personal training instead of traditional in-person sessions might be advantageous for you:

  • Value for money: While one-on-one training can be highly effective, it often comes with a significant cost. Online training, on the other hand, tends to be more affordable and offers a comprehensive coaching approach that encompasses various aspects of your life.
  • Location and scheduling flexibility: In-person training necessitates proximity to your personal trainer’s location and adhering to their schedule. However, with an online personal trainer, you have the freedom to work out wherever and whenever you prefer. This flexibility allows you to fit your training sessions seamlessly into your own schedule and exercise in a location of your choice.

Embrace the Convenience and Value of Online Personal Training

So, are you ready to dive into the world of online personal training with me? Trust me, it’s an investment worth making! Together, we can embark on an exciting fitness journey that fits perfectly into your life.

With tailored workout and nutrition plans, comprehensive coaching strategies, and the freedom to exercise wherever and whenever you please, online training offers unbeatable convenience and flexibility.

Whether your goal is shedding those extra pounds, building muscle, boosting strength, or simply improving your overall well-being, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

Let’s kick-start your transformation, break free from limitations, and unlock your true potential for a healthier, stronger, and more fulfilled life.


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