Mindset coaching can be transformative in numerous ways. It equips you with tools to manage stress, build resilience, and cultivate self-compassion. It empowers you to overcome obstacles, maintain focus, and stay motivated even during challenging times. By transforming your mindset, you can break through barriers, develop a healthy relationship with yourself and your body, and approach your fitness journey with confidence, determination, and a positive attitude.

The benefits of mindset coaching extend far beyond the realm of fitness. The principles and techniques you acquire can enhance various aspects of your life, from relationships and career to personal growth and overall happiness. By nurturing a mindset that supports your well-being and success, you can unlock your full potential, achieve lasting transformation, and lead a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Clients Journey

Sensational work from Tim, a true gentleman…

“Before reaching out to Aamir I was without doubt at the lowest point of my fitness, health and confidence. I couldn’t standing looking at photos of myself one day I decided enough was enough.

When I started I was 104kg, with low energy, a poor sleeping pattern and no system in place for my nutrition or training. Fast forward 12 weeks, I’m now 89kg, lean, athletic and with a routine that compliments, not complicates my lifestyle.

For me personally, the best part about my transformation isn’t the physical change, mentally I’m now a completely different person. I’m so much baller in my own skin and my confidence is through the roof.

Learning how to control my emotional state has been the single most important tool I have picked up since working with Aamir.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings, I now live with more energy and have the mindset to negotiate any obstacles that might be in the way of my goals. Ultimately, I am most excited to share the best version of myself with the people I love the most.

If you’re reasoning this and you’ve struggled to find a system that works or you’re sick of bullshit yo-yo diets that don’t work.”

“Aamir is your man. Not only is he one of the most genuine good hearted people I know, he is the real deal.”

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