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Colleen: successful business owner, beautiful family, early menopause – goes from feeling out of shape, suffering from low energy and poor sleep to truly exceptional! |  Having started at rock bottom with various injuries and a severe lack of motivation, this has to be up there with one of my favourite transformations to date!

“I still remember that particular day, sitting outside Boucher road, nervously waiting to do a video call with you. Little did I know that one call would change my life.

For various reasons I had fallen off the path due to various occurrences at the time. I was a broken girl, whose confidence was at rock bottom.

Since beginning the programme, I’ve been taught things that I will keep with me forever. This programme was never about achieving a six pack. In fact, I achieved a lot more than that – I found my self worth and I will never let that slide again.

Your programme was incredible and you never took your eyes off the ball, regardless of what challenges I threw at you. Not only do I have complete respect for you as my trainer, you’re now someone I can refer to as my friend.

I can never thank you enough for having belief in me, when I didn’t even have it myself.”

“I would recommend Aamir to anyone who wants to take their life to another level.”

– Colleen Branney

Siobhann, mother of 3, works crazy hours with zero excuses – transforms from one extreme to the next!

“I knew by looking at Aamir’s previous testimonials & how he kept himself in shape year round, his coaching was exactly what I needed to achieve the results I always wanted.

I’m so grateful for how involved Aamir was throughout, by checking in everyday & adapting the workouts & food plan when needed. I now have a better understanding of foods that are good for me & that I enjoy.

I had no intentions of doing a photo shoot, but given the progress I was making I felt it was a goal I could truly achieve.

Physically I’m really pleased but mentally I feel really grounded and a lot more confident and I love with a lot more energy.

My family and career aspirations have all benefited massively from this too. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, the results are inevitable.”

“I truly encourage you to get in touch with Aamir. “

– Siobhann O’Donnell

Sensational work from Tim, a true gentleman…

“Before reaching out to Aamir I was without doubt at the lowest point of my fitness, health and confidence. I couldn’t standing looking at photos of myself one day I decided enough was enough.

When I started I was 104kg, with low energy, a poor sleeping pattern and no system in place for my nutrition or training. Fast forward 12 weeks, I’m now 89kg, lean, athletic and with a routine that compliments, not complicates my lifestyle.

For me personally, the best part about my transformation isn’t the physical change, mentally I’m now a completely different person. I’m so much baller in my own skin and my confidence is through the roof.

Learning how to control my emotional state has been the single most important tool I have picked up since working with Aamir.

I can’t wait to see what the future brings, I now live with more energy and have the mindset to negotiate any obstacles that might be in the way of my goals. Ultimately, I am most excited to share the best version of myself with the people I love the most.

If you’re reasoning this and you’ve struggled to find a system that works or you’re sick of bullshit yo-yo diets that don’t work.”

“Aamir is your man. Not only is he one of the most genuine good hearted people I know, he is the real deal.”

– Tim McCrory

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