No Excuses

This is one area I take very seriously!

Depending on the programme you go for, you could be hearing from me every single day (yes that’s right!) or every week. With the daily accountability option you’ll receive a message from me every morning to ensure everything is going to plan and to keep you both focused and motivated.

You can also ask me questions around the clock or contact me when needed. If changes need to be made to the programs, I make them instantly to ensure the quickest and best possible results.
With either the daily or weekly option, I ask my clients to send me their weight, measurements and pictures if they’re happy, every Saturday morning. Based on their response and feedback to my questions, every Sunday changes are made to either the training, nutrition or both.

This gives them a fresh approach to each week to ensure they aren’t getting bored or starting to plateau.

Clients Journey

Colleen: successful business owner, beautiful family, early menopause – goes from feeling out of shape, suffering from low energy and poor sleep to truly exceptional! |  Having started at rock bottom with various injuries and a severe lack of motivation, this has to be up there with one of my favourite transformations to date!

“I still remember that particular day, sitting outside Boucher road, nervously waiting to do a video call with you. Little did I know that one call would change my life.

For various reasons I had fallen off the path due to various occurrences at the time. I was a broken girl, whose confidence was at rock bottom.

Since beginning the programme, I’ve been taught things that I will keep with me forever. This programme was never about achieving a six pack. In fact, I achieved a lot more than that – I found my self worth and I will never let that slide again.

Your programme was incredible and you never took your eyes off the ball, regardless of what challenges I threw at you. Not only do I have complete respect for you as my trainer, you’re now someone I can refer to as my friend.

I can never thank you enough for having belief in me, when I didn’t even have it myself.”

“I would recommend Aamir to anyone who wants to take their life to another level.”

– Colleen Branney

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