Plan For You

Have you ever heard the phase you can’t out train a bad diet?

Well it’s true… and that’s exactly why we need to get your nutrition nailed right from the start. You will only be eating things you actually enjoy and I incorporate a little bit of flexibility so you’re able to satisfy that sweet tooth if needed! Based on the response to your questionnaire, you’ll receive a nutrition plan with all your foods listed gram for gram and all your calories + macros worked out accurately.

Additionally, I change the plan weekly or as required, so you’re not eating the same foods for the duration of the programme! The key is to ensure the nutrition programme is sustainable and allows for a social life, so you never have to worry about how you look or feel again!

Clients Journey

Siobhann, mother of 3, works crazy hours with zero excuses – transforms from one extreme to the next!

“I knew by looking at Aamir’s previous testimonials & how he kept himself in shape year round, his coaching was exactly what I needed to achieve the results I always wanted.

I’m so grateful for how involved Aamir was throughout, by checking in everyday & adapting the workouts & food plan when needed. I now have a better understanding of foods that are good for me & that I enjoy.

I had no intentions of doing a photo shoot, but given the progress I was making I felt it was a goal I could truly achieve.

Physically I’m really pleased but mentally I feel really grounded and a lot more confident and I love with a lot more energy.

My family and career aspirations have all benefited massively from this too. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, the results are inevitable.”

“I truly encourage you to get in touch with Aamir. “

– Siobhann O’Donnell

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